Guide to Interior Design process:

- 1) First contact:

The customer can contact us via mail or phone and let us know your needs. We advise you in the basic steps that you need to follow.

- 2) First visit or meeting:

Normally we will visit the space to intervene, if itīs not possible, there would be a meeting to understand in detail the client's intention. With this information we can guide about the most appropriate services. All this, without cost or obligation.

- 3) Budget proposal :

Detailed budget about recommended services and the price of each. Clients may contract all of the service or separate parts of interest.

- 4) Acceptance of budget and initial reform plan:

Once a budget has been accepted, the follow step will be a meeting for to go in depth about aesthetic and functional preferences of the client, as a basis for developing the initial project design ideas.

- 5) Proposal of initial design ideas.

Once developed the preliminary project, we submit for client approval that (prior advice by us at all time) will be able to select the best proposals and discard those that do not fit. This process is usually repeated two or three times until the client is fully convinced.

- 6) Development of detailed final project.

Once the preliminary project is accepted, we will make up the final design plans, itīs the final project and gives all complete information to perform the work.

- 7) Economic assessment and planning of the work.

This final executive project would be given to suppliers for price estimation. Also suppliers will be asked for a commitment on the dates of execution.At this stage of development of the project, we know what to build, the final price, and how long it will be done.

- 8) Building site of the project.

In this phase the project becomes reality. Purchase of materials and installations, verify that the orders and qualities specified in project are right and on time. Revision of certificates, invoices and costs.

Delatorre & Hausmann controls all phases of the process and guides the client to the best decisions.