The scope of our services

Delatorre & Hausmann offers comprehensive interior design and corporate image, which may also be partial orders. We explain the different "packs" that we can offer :

1) Preliminary design and concept:

Space distribution, basic concept of setting, choice of furniture and materials.

2) Executive project:

The entire project, including all technical drawings and details to execute the work.

3) Bill of quantity:

It is the detailed description of the amount of materials and construction units to value and execute. Allows an accurately budget before starting works and compare between several suppliers to choose the best budget.

4) Planning of work:

Control table about duration of the works, with the input and output forecast of suppliers, located in days, organized according to the final delivery date. Its purpose is to avoid delivery delays of agreed works.

5) Legalization project and building permits :

Engineering project adjusted to local regulations for building permits.

6) Corporate identity:

Graphic design parallel to interior design, with logo, website, signage, posters, clothing, interior signage, etc.

7) Execution of the work:

Management, recruitment and suppliers management.

Economic control of the work: organization of the suppliers payments and control of deviations from the original budget.

Quality control of the works and finishes, supplier management, commitment to compliance with the terms agreed with the customer.